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How Bight

Bight gets the essential job done. Move money
with no social feed, no emojis, no distractions.


Send & Receive
Money Instantly

When you send money to friends and family, bight moves your transactions in a flash. Split the costs of food and drinks in a click of a button.


Build Your Credit
Without Risk

A healthy credit score is an inseparable part of your journey to financial freedom. Let your meals and nights out work for you to build your credit score.


Keep Your
Financials Private

Your right to privacy is preserved. No one will know about your spending habits. With bight, spend your money and you will not need to tell anyone about it.


Shop & Pay at
Approved Stores

Say goodbye to using multiple apps for different things and say hello to the app that does it all. Beside sending money to friends and family, you will find bight at your favorite online stores.